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Lords Mobile Hacks & Cheats :- Unlimited Gems & Coins (No Survey)


Lords Mobile Hack

If you are looking for some amazing lord mobile hack with unlimited gold cheats which is working in 2018, then consider reading our detail article on this topic. develops Lords Mobile game and released for iOS and Android. Lords Mobile boasts of 50,000,000 plus download from Google played and termed as the most popular game of the year.

The storyline of Lords Mobile

After the emperor destroys the dark dragon, he creates world peace by ruling all the kingdom. Now, after emperor death, kingdom went into chaos and unrest. All smaller kingdom wages war against each other, and dark forces use this opportunity to seize power in the kingdom. You will lead your kingdom again all other kingdom and black forces to bring world peace. No matter what you do; you have to build a formidable Army, upgrade every building in your kingdom and finish all research to get a victory on enemies.

Welcome to the world of Lords and king where you will have a pact with other players, known as your alliance and wage war on the enemy team. This game has everything which you can imagine, fighting evil, carry out team attack, raid on other players kingdom for resources.

Basic Building of Lords Mobile

There are many building presents in the Lords Mobile game; we have included most of the building which you need to upgrade in the game to advance. Lords Mobile Dashboard has many different icons and button which has some features or facility, which you should know before proceeding for the game. We recommend reading the full guide and unique characteristic of Lords Mobile Building to a better understanding of the game.


Castle is the first and most dominant building in Lords Mobile game, which will give information about your kingdom. If you check your castle icon, you will know everything about your kingdom. Castle is the main building where lords reside, and from here he issues a command to all his people. You can get information regarding these things if you click on the castle icon:

  • Wall HP: how strong is your city wall and Traps
  • Total Troop and their Max Army size
  • Available Food, Max Food, and Hourly upkeep
  • Available Stones and Max Stones
  • Available Timber and max Timber
  • Available Ore and Max Ore
  • Available Gold and Max Gold


Vault is the essential building after Castle, as this building hold your resources safe from the enemy. You need to upgrade Vault to keep more resources continually. Vault has some limitation for protection if you have more supply them your Vault can hold then enemy many take them if they plunder your city. So, we recommend upgrading the Vault regularly to save your resources. Vault can use only safeguard these items

  • Food
  • Stone
  • Timber
  • Ore

Note: Gold cannot be stolen from your account, Gold is the precious commodity, and no one can take it in the game.


Barracks are the essential building to build your Army. If you want to conquer the enemy, then try to upgrade your barracks. When you upgrade your barracks, you get upgraded Army. So, we recommend you to improve your barracks continuously to get a strong army.

Barracks has four types of Army you can build. They are as follow:


Grunt is the infantry type soldier who marches in the front of the Army and takes on the enemy before anyone. You need to have a formidable number of Grunt army to counter the enemy.


Archer stays behind the Army and keeps on firing arrow on the enemy; they are the best Army which provides supporting attack to your main Grunt and Hero.


Cataphract is the cavalry (horse mounted) type army and term as the most powerful soldier in your Army. You should consider making cavalry and Grunt over others shoulder.


Ballista is the war weapon which is siege engine type, which gives you ballistic power on the battlefield. Ballista is the powerful weapon when you keep it behind your main Army. Try to upgrade ballista to get more firepower in the game and wounded soldier.

Infirmary to heal soldiers

The infirmary is the hospitals where you will treat your wounded soldier. You should always update infirmary to attend your wounded soldiers. Whenever you can find the time, keep on updating infirmary because whenever you go to war, your soldier gets injured.


Walls are the primary defense for your city, if you want to get some resistant to an enemy army, consider to upgrade your walls with traps. Castle wall has different types of traps which you can build and improve to stop the enemy invasion.


Watchtower act as an eye to your camps; it will give you a warning for an impending attack from the enemy. You should consider upgrading the lighthouse to get early advice of any attack.


The workshop is used to forge equipment which you can get from different events or war.

Academy for carrying out research

You can use the academy for carrying out research; academy has four types of thing such as

  • Economy
  • Defense
  • Military
  • Monster Hunt

You can always research without hampering the upgrade process. It means that in the game, you only have one slot open for upgrading or build. But you can still do research side by side with improving any building.

Battle Hall

Battle Hall will give you a chance to start or join Rallies for your alliance. You can always check the battle hall for any ongoing rallies.


The embassy can deploy or hold Allied troops, if you are facing invasion from the enemy, you can ask soldiers from your team to defend your kingdom. All the Army sent to stop attack will be held in the embassy.

Trading Post

Trading Post is there to share resources between Guildmates. If you want to trade any funds, then consider using a trading post.


Prison is used to imprisoning and execute captured leaders of the enemy. After every war, you can check your prison to check capture leader of the enemy.


Gets temporary boosts when you execute captured leaders.

Resource building

There is much building which you should consider worth upgrading; these are the first resource building which is required to get all the upgrade and maintaining an army.


These are the central building which is used to make food. Food is used for various purposes, such as upgrading the different structure and maintaining of the AArmy. Always check in the Castle for farm output and upkeeping of the AArmy.


Mines are used to getting ores, which are essential for the upgrading of all of the building. You should upgrade mines to get resources which will give you a boost in your economy.


The quarry is used for generating stones which are used for upgrading all the building. The quarry is the essential portion of the game, and you should consider upgrading it.

Lumber Mill

The lumber mill is used to generate woods, which are used for upgrading all building.There is much other building which you should check for new items and quest.

Quest for Hero

The search for the hero is the building where you will get bonus items for any pursuit you have undertaken.

Hero’s Ring

Hero’s Ring is the most prominent figure which is present in the middle of the dashboard. You will get many quests in hero’s Ring, which will give you bonus and items which can be used in the workshop to enhance your hero power.


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